31 Dec 2011
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Eyolf Østrem
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How rude of me, not to write a “welcome all” post before opening the forum.

So, welcome all!

I’ve made three different forums, one for issues concerning the conversion phase (including questions about the manual process); one for database and structure issues; and a third for issues concerning the website itself.

Eventually, there will of course be forums also for musical discussions and such, but I’ll hold that horse a little longer.


I should say, also, that:

- please report any issues you come across with the site itself: how the forum works, if you can’t see something that you suspect you should be able to see, etc.

- once you have signed up and have been authorized, please consider adding a “Real Name” entry in your profile, at least at this stage, where only the “inner circle” have access. You can change it later on.

- if you don’t think you have been given appropriate access rights – e.g. if you’ve signed up as a hacker but are only a slave – drop me a note. You can see your assigned categories in your profile.

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