Workflow - Entering tabs

Album page

  • Add song to album
  • Track/disc number
  • Next step: add song (backlink provided by nodereference-url).
    What is added is an album_song, which is a combination of album and songVERSION. It makes little sense to add the songversion before there is a song to add it to. If the song does not exist yet, it is added (in a required field) while entering the version.

Song page

  • Link to add songversion (from noderef-url)
    There is no “add to album” link, since, again, that only applies to songVERSIONS.

Viewing tabs

Album page

  • tracklisting
  • list of outtakes
  • link to add song to album

Song page

  • list of versions
  • link to add song version
  • link to albums it’s on

TODO: list of albums ANY VERSION of the song is on

Song version page

  • list of other versions of same song
  • link to main song
  • list of albums the VERSION is on

TODO: What to do with outtakes.

Fixed elements

  • Album list
  • Help
  • Search
  • … the same as now, basically